Unlock up to 30% Savings on Postage Costs

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Are rising postage costs eating into your marketing budget?

Discover the power of our partnership with USPS and unlock up to 30% savings on postage expenses with rebates. It's time to maximize your resources and amplify your direct mail campaigns. Act now and make every dollar count! A 1Vision mail expert can show you how.


This is one of the biggest incentives the USPS has put out in years, and the time to act is now to ensure you’re positioned to optimize your results.


Savings example: If you produced 1,100,000 pieces in 2023, and you plan to mail 1,300,000 in 2024, you may receive ~$19,200 in savings (maybe more) in the form of a postage credit.

These funds can be redirected towards growing your business, launching new initiatives, or enhancing customer experiences. 

Learn more! Click on the link below, call, or email 1Vision to schedule time with one of our mailing experts who can make this process easy and help you get the full benefit of this and other USPS savings programs.

Direct Mail Savings Calculator

Direct Mail Savings Calculator

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